Love Collection

Immersive Collections

It’s super pretty from a distance. When you get up close you can clearly see it’s well crafted. It was perfect for what I wanted, just something cute to show off sometimes for pictures and maybe even go out with it once or twice. Pretty great value for money

Lights up the room

Yeah they are big but it even looks big on the display pics and it says the size on them in the description.. but they lit tho.. shine on point with little to no light still looks nice but in direct light they hittin' plus they're screw on so no worries about losing them.. good in my book

Amazing sHINE

The watch and bracelet looks amazing! It's very pretty and I love how much the sparkle. The watch looks way more expensive than it is, so much so that two family members of mine thought I dropped big bucks on it! The watch did however come with a free pair of earrings which look very nice, and left me pleasantly surprised. For that reason, I would still recommend this watch to anyone who wants some bling blag as long as they're willing to have it sized.

Matches Style